Web Image Collector - Reference Documentation

WIC 3.x

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1. Getting Started
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Installation
1.2.1. Java 6 or greater required
1.2.2. Windows
1.2.3. Mac OSX
1.2.4. Linux
1.3. Basic Tutorial
1.3.1. Creating a new project
1.3.2. Basic Search Engine Project Search Keywords Search Engines File and Image Size Name the Project
1.3.3. Collecting Images Search completed
2. Concepts
2.1. Projects
2.1.1. Basic URL Project
2.1.2. Sequence URL Project
2.1.3. Basic Search Engine Project
2.1.4. Extended Search Engine Project
2.1.5. Photo Blog Project
2.2. Workbench
2.2.1. Resources
2.2.2. Working Sets
2.3. Perspectives
2.3.1. Collecting Perspective
2.3.2. Classic Perspective
2.3.3. Browsing Perspective
2.4.1. Fast Views
2.4.2. Detached Views
2.4.3. Project Explorer View
2.4.4. Thumbnail View
2.4.5. Image View
2.4.6. Console View
2.4.7. Properties View
2.4.8. Progress View
2.4.9. Problems View
3. Tasks
3.1. Working with projects
3.1.1. Creating a project
3.1.2. Closing a project
3.1.3. Editing a project
3.1.4. Deleting a project
3.2. Importing
3.2.1. Existing projects into Workspace
3.2.2. Importing an archive file
3.2.3. Importing a file system
3.2.4. Importing preferences
3.2.5. Importing project XML
3.2.6. Importing legacy project XML
3.2.7. Importing legacy license
3.3. Exporting
3.3.1. Exporting an archive file
3.3.2. Exporting a file system
3.3.3. Exporting preferences
3.3.4. Exporting project XML
3.4. Updating and installing software
3.4.1. Updating the installation
3.4.2. Installing new software
3.4.3. Updating software using the Available Updates wizard
3.4.4. Adding a new software site
3.4.5. Working with the Available Software sites
3.4.6. Scheduling automatic updates
3.5. Product activation
3.5.1. Trial Version and Product Activation
3.5.2. Purchase A Product License
3.5.3. Activate Your License
3.6. Switching Workspaces
3.6.1. Settings Transfer
4. Reference
4.1. Preferences
4.1.1. General Appearance Perspectives
4.1.2. Help Help Content
4.1.3. Install Automatic Updates Available Software Sites
4.1.4. License Manager
4.2. Projects
4.2.1. Basic URL Create a new Project Edit Project Properties
4.2.2. Sequence URL Create a new Project Edit Project Properties
4.2.3. Basic Search Engine Create a new Project Edit Project Properties
4.2.4. Extended Search Engine Create a new Project Edit Project Properties
4.2.5. Photo Blog Create a new Project Edit Project Properties
4.3. Project Settings
4.3.1. New Project Settings Web Page URL Web Page Multi URL Web Page Sequence URL Web Page Sequence Multi URL Search Keywords Search Engines Web Page Links File and Image Size Membership Login Name the Project
4.3.2. Edit Project Properties Connections File Filters Image Files Image Sizes HTTP Headers Membership Search URLs Search Keywords Search Engines Image Page Host Depth Image Page Link Depth Image Page Link Mode Image Page URL Filter Image URL Host Depth Image URL Link Depth Image URL Link Mode Image URL Filter Page URL Host Depth Page URL Link Depth Page URL Link Mode Page URL Filter Completion Tasks Stop Conditions