Is upgrade possible without the folders from the email senders?

i hope that with the next upgrade the folders with the names of the email senders are away. These folders are totally useless. In an other software which i use in an older version of Mac OS X i got all pictures in a folder with only the name of the newsgroup. That is much better. Now i much open each folder from the senders to see what pictures is send. That takes so much time. To open each folder spoils the fun. I almost regret that i bought this software.


You can control the folder naming structure with up to 5 different possibilities. This setting is on a per project basis and you will need to edit your project settings to change this option. First you want to edit your project so select it in the left tree and right click and choose Properties from the popup menu. Next select File Filters in the left list on the dialog box. Finally, choose your path naming mode in the combo box. For further detail on each option, please see the section 'File Filters' in the built in documentation or visit the online documentation at
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