How does GdViewer reference image via ImageID?

Hi, As a potential customer, I am currently evaluating your TWAIN/Imaging product, in particular, your TWAIN C# sample code, in an attempt to see how it all works and how the underlying architecture holds together.In this sample you have a class-level GdPictureImaging object and a form on which you have a GdViewer control. When the GdPictureImaging object acquires an image, it is thereafter referenced by its imageID, which is understood by the GdPictureImaging object, which, presumably, maintains an internal list of images (hash table?) referenced by their IDs. I don't see how this imageID could also be meaningful to the viewer control, which appears to know nothing about the GdPictureImaging object, the presumed sole repository of the images and image pointer list. I'm sure it works (my TWAIN devices are on order so I have not tried it yet), but for the life of me I don't understand why. The answer is probably obvious, but I'm not seeing it.Am I correct about some sort of image list inside GdPictureImaging, and, if I am, do these accumulate on a multi-page scan, thus building up in memory? Or are they disposed as they are processed? If only one is ever alive at one time, one wonders why an ImageID would be needed as a reference. Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:- [url=]Motion graphics agency[/url] Thanks!


Sorry you have the wrong company. We do not have a TWAIN imaging product.
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