Effective Date

November 24, 2014


This document sets forth the license policy (the "License Policy") of DataFire Technologies Inc ("DataFire Technologies", "we", "our" or "us") for licensed software created and distributed by DataFire Technologies Inc. This policy does not include the End User License Agreement which is presented at the time of software installation.

Effective Dates

All licenses that we provide are effective from the time of purchase until the expiration set forth by the license itself. This will be either a specified date, a specified length of time, or for the lifetime of the product (see "Product Lifetime") below.

Product Lifetime

The product lifetime is defined as a non expiring amount of time associated to a major version of our software. A major version of software would be indicated by the first number in the version of the software. For example a product with the version 3.0.4 would have a major version of 3. A product with the same or similar name, and a version of 4.1.2 (major version 4) would be a be considered a different product but in the same family. A license granted to a software product with a major version of 3 would not be valid for software with any other major version.

Our products will have major version changes when a significant re-write of the code takes place. There is no timeline for major version changes but as of this policy date, there shall be no less than 1 year in time between major version releases.

Access to Product Updates

When a new major version of a software product is released, all lesser major versions will be removed from the update development cycle. At this time, all lesser major versions will be eligible to receive only critical bug fixes. Updates to the last version of all lesser major versions will be available for download from this site.

Access to Product Support

When a new major version of a software product is released, all lesser major versions will be marked as discontinued and will not be eligible for minor issue support. At this time we will continue support for major or critical issues, and if needed release any critical bug fixes.