Web Image Collector (Legacy Version)

Web Image Collector (WIC) is the perfect tool for collecting images from the web. WIC can help you find images on the web by using search keywords, or you can use WIC to download images from specific web sites.

Use WIC to find images for creating reports, web sites, documents, presentations or whatever your needs may be. WIC makes it easy to download content from image galleries, photo blogs, TGP sites, and so much more.


Development and updates are discontinued for this version.

Easy to use and packed with features

WIC can collect images from a website or it can search the web using multiple search engines simultaneously. You will see instant results appearing as thumbnails while images are downloaded to your computer. WIC gives you the ability to manage your images with ease and to preview them with the built in slide show.

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Always updated

You will always have the latest update with our built in software update service. WIC includes free access to our update service which can upgrade your software with new features. The service will check for updates every 24 hours and will alert you if new updates are available. You have complete control of this feature and you can leave it on, or you can disable it and manually check for updates when you desire.

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Full featured 15 day trial

WIC can be used for free up to 15 days. During the trial period, you can test drive WIC as a full featured product to see if you like it. After 15 days, the product will no longer function and you must activate it to continue using it.

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  • Download images from a single web page
  • Download images from an entire web page
  • Download from multiple web sites simultaneously
  • Download images in sequence (batch downloading)
  • Search a web site and follow links to other web sites
  • Search the entire web using keywords
  • Preview images as thumbnails as they are downloaded
  • Built in slide show with zoom features
  • Realtime log information showing detailed progress of your search
  • Proxy support for computers behind firewalls
  • Skip images smaller than a specified width and or height
  • Skip images larger than a specified width and or height
  • Skip images smaller than a specified file size
  • Skip images larger than a specified file size
  • Skip images that match common advertisement sizes
  • Filter images by file extension
  • Filter URLs of web pages or images using keywords
  • Access password protected web sites using basic authentication or login forms
  • Access AVS membership based websites
  • Manage your images during and after download
  • Supports many gigabytes of images and thumbnails
  • Save images in one directory or use a organized subfolder system
  • Email images to friends
  • Import and export collection settings to share with friends
  • User interface supports English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and more
  • Software update service brings you the latest version

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Using downloaded content
Please be aware that you must abide by any copyright notification found on web sites or images. Some copyrights do not allow you to use, copy, or modify files from certain web sites. DataFire Technologies INC is not responsible or liable for any copyright infringements which you may incur with files downloaded by our products.
Product license details
To obtain the full version of WIC, you must purchase a product license. A product license is for a single user on a single computer and will unlock the trial version of your product into a full version. The license is valid for the lifetime of the product and it never expires. After you purchase a license, you will receive a license key. Simply copy and paste this key into the activation area of the program to complete the activation. To find out more about what the license covers, please see our license policy.


Windows 32/64

Self installing version for Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP. It will automatically install Java if needed.


Mac OSX 32/64 bit

Manual install GZIP for Mac OSX version Mavericks / Mountain Lion / Lion / Snow Leopard / Leopard. Requires Java 6 or greater to be installed on your computer.


Linux 32/64 bit

Manual install GZIP for Linux. Requires Java 6 or greater to be installed on your computer.


Get Java

If you do not have Java installed, please click this link to get the latest version.

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PowerMac PPC Compatible Version (2.13)

Mac OSX 10.5 PowerPC

Manual install GZIP for Mac OSX version for Power PC. Requires Java 6 or greater to be installed on your computer.